Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 85
Superpub 85
27th Jul 2016, 11:11 AM
Author Notes:
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Ryan Lee Blu Ray Commentary
Can you believe that it was all the way back in 2010 that guy got stabbed with a pen at San Diego? These are the kind of timely references you can expect from Superpub, folks.

I did a bit ages ago where Joey bought a bunch of his first appearances trying to make a profit on his own death, so he’s The Collector in the pub. Naturally he wants everybody to know he has the SDCC exclusive Lying Cat statue, so taking it to the bar is a must. If Doctor Odd can lounge around with a demonic book, why not?

Monster Mike Blu Ray Commentary
I was a little leery of having Lying Cat appear in the strip, but I gave it a pass because it’s not actually Lying Cat. It’s a Lying Cat statue. And I think that’s a fair ball.

Process time: To get a consistent Lying Cat, I actually grabbed a concept image of the actual statue from the web, doctored it up in photoshop and inserted it where I needed it in each panel. In my rough sketches, i had drawn a fairly good version, so I pasted the cropped image over top, nudged it here, erased a little there and gave it a light blue colour overlay to match my roughs. once printed out, it was pretty easy to ink it up so it looks like it actually belongs in the scene.