Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 80
Superpub 80
14th Jun 2016, 10:59 AM
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Ryan Lee Blu Ray Commentary
I knew the DC Rebirth phenomenon was more than just smoke and mirrors when I saw the Aquaman title sell through before release. Aquaman? You mean, the one not even written by Geoff Johns any more? Yeah, people are excited about Rebirth, I guess!

Then I thought….nobody would be more excited about this than Joey. Then I thought…how can I ruin that? Because Joe Del Mar cannot be allowed bliss at any point, it’s not how we do things around here. Wasn’t too hard to find a way to pop that bubble.

For the record, I’ve been moderately pleased with the new DC books.

Monster Mike Blu Ray Commentary
I need to settle in on a design for Joe. Slight tweaking happens every time he shows up. Maybe he is the anchor point of the Superpub Multiverse.

Colugo, on the other hand is pretty much cemented as far as his design. I’m pretty happy with him. A good deal of Batman: The Animated Series influence there.

I also am pleased with the supposed direction of the Rebirth DC books, although I’ve only read one and a half of them. I had tears in my eyes reading issue zero. That should be a reaction you could have reading about these characters. Good work, DC.