Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 74
Superpub 74
21st Apr 2016, 10:51 AM
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
This one started off with me just wondering what was going on with Sid & Polly, because I like them together. It occurred to me that
for these characters “death” is rather like unemployment, where you don’t show up for your job for awhile. I think Sid doing his Magic Mike bit is funny, but it’s a bad gag because I can’t see Stanley actually hosting something like that. Maybe I’m underestimating Stanley.

In any case, Mike is definitely the star on this strip. That spotlight effect turned out really well. The silhouette effects are perfect, and then the balloon in panel 3 without the pointer indicates Sid is thinking this to himself, which infinitely better than him speaking the line aloud. That was all Mike!

Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
Every time I go into my PVR, I see Magic Mike XXL. I didn’t record that….