Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 5
Superpub 5
5th Feb 2015, 3:10 PM
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary:

The crux of the Quality Quartet bit is all the horrible, horrible things that movie execs do to our beloved characters. Now, I’m not one of those types that loses a lot of sleep over costume changes and such. But my thing is – why would they buy a thing and then dismantle the core of it? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just buy what you wanted in the first place?
I decided I would symbolize that visually by having the studio paint a smile over the top of Thing’s craggy mug. And before you go thinking I’m exaggerating…go back and take another look at the RIDICULOUS expression they molded into Snake Eyes’ mask in that first GI Joe movie. This is not hyperbole…this is how movie people and their focus groups ruin things.
Then I tagged on the bit about Doctor Doom the blogger. It’s actually pretty tough to get me worked up about these things, but that’s the dumbest thing since grumble grumble moan complain……
Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary:
I thought I was going to hate myself for rendering every brick in the ‘Happy’ Benjamin character design but I’ve found myself really enjoying drawing him. It might seem that my characters are pretty much ‘copy/paste’ from panel to panel, make no mistake, I’m inking them all individually. Take a closer look and you’ll see minor differences from panel to panel.I’m uploading some of my process stuff and sketches and doodles to the Superpub Facebook page. I urge you to go join up if you haven’t already.
This strip is another instance in which Ryan really hit the message on the head. Usually, when I complain about stuff like this, I tend to come off as a whining fan-boy. Ryan is able to spin a little yarn that succinctly shines a spotlight on the ridiculousness of changing IP to fit into an agenda.
I also like the two-part strips he’s been sending me. more to come!