Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 65
Superpub 65
9th Feb 2016, 10:30 AM
Author Notes:
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
I just can’t get over the Grimhold! This is where the magic of collaboration really shines, because my focus was (as usual) entirely on Joey Del Mar. But the star of this strip is the world’s bitchiest book: The Unholy Grimhold!

I went back to the script, because I couldn’t remember the description I handed Mike, but I know it wasn’t 1/10 as good as he made it. The actual was recipe was three ingredients; 1) Large 2) Arcane 3) Evil. There’s nothing in there about it being sentient, or giving Stanley the mean mug. In the first panel, the Grimhold is basically saying with its eyes “get a little closer old man and I’ll take a finger off with my teeth.” It’s just too precious.

Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
The Grimhold is my new favourite thing to draw. I’m hoping Ryan Lee figures out a way to do an all-Grimhold strip some day. I also have a secret desire to do a spin-off strip called Grimhold in the stylings of Jim Davis’ Garfield, with The Grimhold as the lead and Dr. Odd as his Jon Arbuckle foil. The Grimhold hates Mondays.

Of course the inspiration for the Grimhold comes from the book in the Evil Dead series of movies. Not sure if I pulled that off because I didn’t actually do any referencing for it. I just remember the book having a face. It’s become part of my style to have anything with eyes on it mirror the eye movements of the person wearing/holding it. The Brimstone avenger’s head-dress, Dr. Odd’s amulet, etc.

Whatever funk I was in at the start of the year that made me stall out on this little side project has gone away, it seems. I’m quite proud of this strip and the one I just finished for next week (that’s right, I’m ahead of schedule…). Ever onward!