Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 64
Superpub 64
19th Jan 2016, 10:28 AM
Author Notes:
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Ryan Lee Blu Ray Commentary
I’m a veteran Rom fan, so mostly this is just self-indulgence. I’ve been re-reading the old series in anticipation of the spring relaunch, so he was on my mind. As usual, Mike’s design did a fantastic job of invoking the original character without completely lifting it. On my PC, the glowing effect on the eyes really pops. Folks, if you’re just looking at these strips on your phone, you’re not getting the full effect!

I adore Rom’s mitten-hands. When I first read the book as a teenager, I hated them. Didn’t like the look, and I rejected the idea that any entity advanced enough to produce that technology would leave him without the advantage of fingers. Now I see is a crucial element of the character integrated into the design. Rom’s essence is wrapped up in his role as Wraith exterminator only. He can wield the Analyzer/Neutralizer, and that’s it. They didn’t leave him the option of expanding outside of his military function. And in that sense…the mitten-hands are pretty genius.
None of that makes the idea of a “chopsticks round” make sense. That’s completely absurd, and you’re welcome.
Monster Mike Blu Ray Commentary
I also dig on Rom, but I’m not terribly hopeful for the new series coming from IDW. I think everything that made Rom cool lies within the Marvel Universe of the 1980’s. Without all of that, I can’t see it piquing my interest.

I like the little jokes like this. This strip really hits on the casual conversation setting of Superpub.
Once again, I’ve tried something new by adding silhouettes of other bar patrons in the background. I’ve been feeling that, by only drawing in the characters that are part of the gag, it seems like the bar is always empty. Adding the silhouettes and Stanley’s hand delivering a beer from off panel adds to the ‘population’ of the tavern. At least that is my intent. Hope it works.