Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 61
Superpub 61
8th Dec 2015, 10:22 AM
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Ryan Lee Blu Ray Commentary
Colugo & Wren are always making each other better. Wren is quite right to warn Wayne Brewster about his obsessive devotion to crime-fighting and his perpetual bachelor lifestyle. Eventually, the superhero roller coaster ride has to end, and then what? Somebody has to change the diapers.

But Colugo has everything worked out, of course. He probably takes too much pleasure in these “tough love” moments, but you take life’s little pleasure where you can get them. In this instance, Colugo is teaching Wren that if you build a contraption into your costume, whizzing your pants does not crush your dignity. Whizzing your pants becomes a triumph of ingenuity and will. And that’s why Colugo is my hero.

Monster Mike Blu Ray Commentary
Full disclosure: I’ve been really pinched for time lately and so I’ve been cramming on Monday nights and doing the strip completely in one sitting. Some weeks, that doesn’t happen and I have to do it on Tuesday nights, making the strip late. My apologies for that. On a positive note, the reason I’ve been so busy is that I am now a business owner. Myself and two of my cousins have opened a screen print and embroidery shop. You can check out our website here:

As for the strip this week, I actually repurposed rough layouts from previous strips featuring the same characters. From there it was inks, colours and letters. It turned out alright, I think.