Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 58
Superpub 58
17th Nov 2015, 10:16 AM
Author Notes:
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Ryan Lee Blu Ray Commentary
The real question is – was the Colugo sauce always in the snake bed? Or did he retrieve it from a Colugo-Pouch, bury it in the snake bed, jostle it around for a bit and then hand it to Wren? The answer will tell you a lot about your friend. As regards Colugo….I’ll believe it either way. With all those Colugadgets to carry around…you just don’t have room for all of it without getting creative.

The best part of this strip is the look on Wren’s face in the second panel. Love it!

Monster Mike Blu Ray Commentary
This strip reminds me of the last episode of Chronic Insomnia that I listened to, in which Michael relates a story about his…personal scent.

This is also character building. We now know that Colugo is reactive in his drive to ruin the appetite of his ward Wren. Panel one makes it seem like he’s just there to enjoy a beer.
I really dig these two characters. If this ever became a cartoon, I love to see an episode where we could give them the Batman: Animated treatment.