Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 55
Superpub 55
26th Oct 2015, 10:09 AM
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Ryan Lee Blu Ray Commentary
This is one of my favorite scripts. I like it because the gag exists almost entirely off panel and is largely dependent upon Superpub continuity. What I mean is…the joke is imagining Vicious Sid failing to recognize that Zombie Del Mar is just in costume and dicing him into cube steak. Which sort of makes sense when you understand the roles Sid and Joey play in the pub. If Superpub were an animated show, we’d probably do a Family Guy cut scene and show it. In the gag strip format, it’s all about efficiency and the imagination of you, dear reader.

I left the door open for Mike to sex up Polly Nomial a little bit in this script, and having seen the finished product I think he made the right choice. The collar sells the costume all by itself, and Polly doesn’t need to be showing off her boobs. She’s too together for that. I have seen some otherwise demure women prance about town in next to nothing on Halloween, though. That’s a thing that happens.

PS: Stanley is the best character in the strip. I love Joey and Longbeau, but Stanley is the king, and I think 88% of that is Mike’s rendering, which is just perfect every time.
Monster Mike Blu Ray Commentary
This is my new favourite strip because before I had even finished it, the original art sold to someone who had seen a work-in-progress shot on Facebook.

I also like it for all the same reasons Ryan mentioned, but really, it’s the fact that someone out there likes my work enough to buy it. Pretty nifty.

I have lots of other artwork for sale if anyone is interested…