Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 52
Superpub 52
5th Oct 2015, 10:03 AM
Author Notes:
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Ryan Lee Blu Ray Commentary
In my opinion, this is the naughtiest strip we’ve done yet. I basically told Mike to crumple the script up and throw it in the trash! But since it passed his taste-o-meter, I’m sure most of you will tolerate it just fine. Or maybe I’m just not as edgy as I think I am. I’m fine with it either way.

The interesting element of this strip is not the oral sex joke, but the world-building. Most communities create a caste system. Jocks vs Nerds, that kind of thing. Then the Nerd caste will sort itself further into stuff like Science vs Comic Book nerds.

I imagine inside of the Superpub community, there exists a division between the Real Powers set and the Regular Guy/Gal With A Stupid Bow group. Part of the reason why Long Beau has an affinity for Colt Rawhide is that he remembers what it was like to be on the outside of the “cool kids” club. When you think about it, though, those folks should have the most respect. If you can survive the Infinity Gauntlet with nothing but a repeating revolver, everybody should bow down.

Hmmm…maybe that’s another strip for the future…

Monster Mike Blu Ray Commentary
Every time we introduce a new character, that character becomes my new favourite. Colt Rawhide is no exception. Given the back and forth in the script, I wanted Colt Rawhide to resemble the Marvel western characters from the 50’s but also have a bit of a Jonah Hex / Clint Eastwood edge to him.

I want to thank Ryan Lee for giving me the easiest possible way to draw a crowd of people; have them all off panel.