Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 51
Superpub 51
28th Sep 2015, 10:00 AM
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
I am the worst. The end!

That’s probably all you need to know, but I’ll expound on the many ways my contributions to this strip are terrible. Reason # 1: It’s pun-based. Puns are the homeless meth-addicts of comedy and should be shunned at all costs. Reason # 2: It breaks all the Superpub rules. Why in the world am I doing jokes about an 80s crime “drama” in my superhero parody? It makes no sense. Reason # 3: The punchline is a Fat Guy joke. That’s beyond hack.

Naturally, I love the crap out of this strip. A crocodile with a jetpack makes me smile for days, and the pit-stains on Tubs make me deliriously happy. Love it, love it, love it.

I am the worst. The end!

Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
Ryan Lee is the BEST. The end!

I love the “OSHA Master” pun and I wish we did villains, because that would be a great one.
This particular script has been sitting on my desktop for a while. Ever since Joey lost his fight with the Cthulian, in fact. If you look back at the photos we’ve posted on our Facebook page, you will see the first sketch of these two and the date it was done.Now that joey has travelled back to the land of the living, we’re going to be dropping a ton of pent up Sea-Man gags on you.
I’m more proud than I should be of the designs of Crocket and Tubs. Looking forward to drawing them again some time soon.