Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 48
Superpub 48
7th Sep 2015, 9:53 AM
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
Way back in the day you may remember that Joe Del Mar’s genius plan was to buy a bunch of copies of his first appearance, throw a fight to the Cthulhian, then reap the financial rewards. We never dealt with that fight on-panel of course, we only cover the pub here at Superpub for reasons that one hopes are obvious.

Long story longer, Joe did throw that fight and he’s been dead for a couple months. Until now! Did you miss him? His friends didn’t.

This is the first script I wrote for Colugo, and he was a jerk from the beginning. I believe this is also our first attempt at an extended “Sunday edition” strip. Mike’s better equipped to talk about that. We just love torturing poor Joey around here. The whole joy for me is the fact that these people are way more interested in recipes than regenerating dead people. And that’s exactly how it would be, in my opinion. Even Blue Beetle can come back from the grave…who knows how to jazz up those dinner parties with a fresh hors d’oerve?

Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
The best part of this whole strip is the fact that we made a double sized, special strip for this specific occasion…an occasion nobody knew or cared about. How “meta”.

I have a bunch of Joe Delmar scripts in my inbox, just waiting to be illustrated. I couldn’t touch them until now. Welcome home, Joey!