Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 45
Superpub 45
18th Aug 2015, 9:46 AM
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
Since that Fantastic Four movie was released it has been yelled at, kicked, poked in the eye, and spat upon. Entire nations of people are getting their cardio in abusing this poor film. I actually love it for its warts, so I wrote a strip where I could kinda “pat it on the back” and let it know that everything is gonna be OK.

Quite a few folks were weirdly upset by the fact that Thing was not wearing pants in the film. I found it more disturbing that he became a murderer for hire, and didn’t spend as much time worrying about the guy’s junk. But that’s just me. In point of fact, Thing is so rock-laden that nobody in the world is more clothed than him. But that’s looking at a fictional character from an outsider’s perspective.

If you’re Happy Benjamin, those Hollywood jerks just forced you to do a movie nude. Which would be bad enough if people liked it. Instead not only is your dignity gone, but everybody hates the movie, and hates you by extension. OH, the humanity!

Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
Full disclosure: I liked a lot of what the Fantastic Four movie was trying to do. Not in a “Fantastic Four” kind of way, but in a superhero movie kind of way. Pretty much for all the same reasons that I liked Man of Steel. Are these good movies about the source material? No. Is there some neat stuff going on and some far out visuals? Absolutely.

I wasn’t quite sure about “Happy” Benjamin’s painted on smile for this one. In the end I decided to leave it out, even though I liked the way it looked. To me, it’s lifespan should be similar to the daily adjustments and changes that our pop culture seems so determined to try out.
37 strips in and I’m still playing with the colour techniques. I’m particularly proud of the shading on Ben in this one. I’ve also started adding some shine to The Zip’s armour. Hope you are enjoying the progression.
I think more than any other strip we’ve done, this one displays the characteristics of The Zip that I enjoy. Maybe it’s because he was the first for us but I see him more as the center of Superpub. He’s the guy who is a friend to everyone. He’ll poke fun but he doesn’t judge. And when he sees that you are actually hurting, he’ll lend some support.