Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 43
Superpub 43
3rd Aug 2015, 9:40 AM
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Ryan Lee Blu Ray Commentary
We’ve established that Dreadfool is not well liked in the pub, but I want him to be more than just a punching bag. So this strip is me letting the Fool shine a little bit, while still respecting The Rules. Stanley is not a fan!

As I covered in previous blu ray editions, I actually like Deadpool as a character. Deadpool is that opportunity to shove the worst parts of yourself into the light and (hopefully) find the humor in it. If you’ve listened to five minutes of my podcast, you can probably see the appeal for me. I tried to think of the most horrible thing I could have Dreadfool involved in that would still paradoxically feel “safe”. So I decided to have this idiot take care of a baby.

I was actually a teensy bit worried about sending this script to Mike, because he has daughters, and one of them is very young, and I know parents that just can’t see the humor in a small child (even a fictional one) with a pistol in its Pampers. But Mike’s pretty good at separating fantasy and reality, and plus I think he one-upped me.

In my original script, I had Kidfool with the Dreadfool logo on his diapers. But my diabolical partner put some shading down there…and it could just be a trick of the light..but I think he put a load in Kidfool’s diaper. We are terrible, terrible people! But that stuff makes me laugh. I got a pretty good, pretty deep laugh out of this strip, which is both narcissistic and therapeutic.

Monster Mike Blu Ray Commentary
Every time I draw a Dreadfool strip, I end up liking Deadpool a little bit more. Thanks Ryan…and Obama!

The timing of the release of this one is absolutely perfect, what with the official release of the Deadpool red banned trailer hitting earlier today. It’s also 100% coincidental. I’ve successfully eaten up all of my lead time, so every strip you see is 100% fresh off the drawing board. No planning here, just drawin’.

Yes, I have a baby living in my house. I love her dearly. I’m also very sensible and not at all completely insane. I can separate fact from fiction, real from imaginary, comedy from real life. It’s because all of the chemicals in my head are mixing at optimum ratios that I don’t get upset at humour like this. I listen to Chronic Insomnia and I only gag/vomit 2-3 times per episode, so I consider myself a fairly well adjusted individual.

I liked the idea for a Dreadfool logo on the diaper but”in the end” I just thought it would be funnier fi the baby had shit its pants. See, well adjusted.