Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 42
Superpub 42
28th Jul 2015, 9:38 AM
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
I can sum up the script in one word: puerile. Every now and again you just have to do something piggy and childish just to do it. Well..let me rephrase that. Sometimes I have to do it. You’re probably busy being an adult.

I’m not particularly proud of my end of things, (certainly not the worst thing I’ve produced, but not great) so I’m going to talk about Mike’s part a bit. I think the Aphid looks pretty fantastic using the drinking glass as a bench. Those bright greens really pop, too. It’s nice, but it’s nothing compared to the development of Longbeau.

Folks, go from that arrow on the far left and zip all the way back to the beginning, and then click forward until you get to Superpub strip # 5. It’s the Milo Manara bit, and it’s the debut of Longbeau. Just look at the quantum leap – it’s not that they look like two different figures…all of the same building blocks are there. But you look at Longbeau today and the lines are so much more confident. They all sorta shout “I belong right here.” This is a six month period, basically. Crazy, right?

Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
Ryan likes to downplay his contribution to this thing we do but the reality is, he’s the one bringing the heart into it. This is my new favourite gag that we’ve done. Yes, it’s a boob joke, but it’s a boob joke that doesn’t hurt anybody. My wife, who is currently breast feeding our youngest daughter laughed at it, so it passes that test at the very least. Maybe it’s because I’m the one drawing this, that I try to figure out the subtext and the history of the gag as if these were real people, but I had to figure out the logistics of how a tiny man could survive a week in the breastplate of a lactating woman. The first time I read the script, I thought that we couldn’t do it. I was sure someone would get offended and blast us for being sexist or being pro-sexual assault or anti-breast feeding or some other such nonsense. 1. Why should I care about weak minded individuals who have combed the internet looking for something to ruin their day, and 2. All of that would be ludicrous…

The Aphid is my new favourite superhero. I write this just as I return home from seeing Ant-Man for the first time. For the design, I looked at some images of actual Aphids and tried to incorporate as much of the look as I could while mixing it with the ‘motorcycle suit’ look. I’m actually quite fond of it.