Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 41
Superpub 41
21st Jul 2015, 9:32 AM
Author Notes:
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Ryan Lee Blue Ray Commentary
One of the fun things about doing Super Pub is tip-toeing into an established Mythos. Mike and I independently came to the same conclusion about villains – namely, that they aren’t allowed in the pub. It could be fun to add them to the mix, you might end up with a dynamic where guys who were trying to kill each other an hour ago are now trading stories about their kids and such. So there’s a downside to limiting ourselves.

The upside is that it gives the pub and the strip its own flavor, and in this case it formed the foundation of a bit. How would Stanley know if there were a wolf in the den? It’s definitely not the best joke I’ve ever written, but the alternative was an even more stupid beard reference from Star Trek’s “mirror, mirror” episode. And nobody needs that.

If I recall correctly, I wrote this as a 4 panel strip, because I liked the “yeah, yeah” tag, and I thought it required the extra space. Looking at the finished product, I think it works just fine nice and tight like that.

Monster Mike Blue Ray Commentary
Ryan recalls incorrectly. The script for this one was spot on; 3 panels. It’s strips like this that help me get more invested in the world of Superpub. Sure, there’s a gag but really, as Ryan mentioned above, it’s all about the rules of the universe.
I like keeping Superpub ‘villain-free’. In my mind, it’s the total absence of villains that lets our heroes just ‘be’, without having to ‘be super’. I think that’s where the best humour comes from as well. I can’t say for sure, but I would assume it lets the reader relax as well. There’s not going to be any giant explosions or buildings toppling over. But you can count on Stanley getting a few verbal jabs in from time to time just in case our hero’s heads get a bit too big.