Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 3
Superpub 3
5th Feb 2015, 2:58 PM
Author Notes:
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Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary: I love the fact that I feel like I’m getting to know these characters already. The Arachnoid as a less than hygienic patron and ‘The Man’ as a gruff, take-no-nonsense bartender.

The feeling I get is that these guys have been interacting for years. Maybe that has a bit to do with the analogous nature of the characters, but I think the scene building is what drives it home for me.

As for the character design, I wanted it to appear that The Arachnoid is a Spider-Man doppleganger while at the same time injecting him with a bit of my own vision so I reversed the costume elements. This strip introduces him to you as well as to me, and my biggest take-away upon my first look at the script was that he should be a bit…gross. I hunched him over and avoided the heroic physique. I hate spiders (if you ever want to not be friends with me forever, just spider-prank me) so this guy would not be a guy I would hang out with. I added the multi-eyes to emphasize the bugginess of him, further making him a bit of a creep.

Stan is Stan, of course.

Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary: Fans of Chronic Insomnia may have been wondering how long it would take me to dive into bathroom humor. Two strips, is the correct answer. Spider-Man has sticky hands, which is great for climbing walls, and not so great for handling your junk. I’m betting Peter Parker has complete command of these things…this guy does not.

I have to admit…I stole the “Splash Gordon” bit from my good friend Nick. During a particularly robust night of drinking during a cabin weekend trip, I coated most of the bottom floor with my own sick. It smelled fantastic, just in case you were wondering.

Nick then dubbed me “Splash Gordon”, because he’s a big jerk and fairly clever. Actually, I’m betting he stole it from somebody else just like I did. Pay it forward, folks!

PS: Mike’s character designs range from “great” to “super awesome”, but the design for Stan Lee as the bartender is a masterpiece. He makes me happy every time I see him.