Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 34
Superpub 34
1st Jun 2015, 3:56 PM
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
This strip was born out of that wonderful little “Who haven’t we used yet?” place. There’s still lots of great characters we haven’t even touched yet. There’s a really big one yet to make his debut…dresses like a bat? Yes, all sorts of good things left in the tank!

I’m a sucker for Ghost Rider, and all I could think of when I brought him into Superpub was “If I’m Stan, that guy is a walking OSHA violation.” What’s the fine for an open flame in a restaurant, sixty billion dollars? No, Stanley is not going to let that slide.

The bit hiding beneath the surface is that bartenders loathe mojitos. Set aside the cultural ramifications…they take forever to make. When you’ve got a million people lined up at the bar demanding immediate service, “mojito” is the last thing you want to hear. Also, most people drinking mojitos also sup on the blood of sacrificed infants. Hence, the Satan reference. But you already knew that.

Speaking of things you already know – Mike is really growing right in front of us, week by week. The designs are great, Wraith Racer looks delightfully menacing in the first panel. Plus, he’s got a lot of Johnny Blaze him in. (the patch gives a nod to Danny Ketch, too) It’s the stylized bits on the sleeves and shoulders that I love, though. The transformation on panel 3 is what sells the joke, though. Mike took the demon right out of him and turned him into something out of School House Rock. I love everything about that.

Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
This one is for Jody.
Growing up, my exposure to superheroes and comics was almost exclusively through my cousins. there was more than a handful of us and we all had our favourite superhero (with very little cross-over) who we would portray when ‘playing superheroes’, as it was called. Jody’s favourite was Ghost Rider.
Imagine that. Andrew liked Spidey. Chris and Tom were Hulk fans. Brent was a shell-head iron-Man fanatic. Jody…Ghost Rider. How did that happen? GR was so drastically different from any other superhero at the time, it didn’t even make sense to me. My appreciation for the character still rests almost exclusively on those days reading GR comics with Jody and talking with him about the character.I was pretty excited when I got this script calling for a character analogue for GR. Not much you can do differently with the flaming skull (I’m sure our lawyer is pulling his hair out – but just look around at all the different flaming skulls in pop/counter-culture, I’m sure Marvel nor Gary Friedrich owns that kit-and-kaboodle), but I opted out of the leather and went with a classic denim biker vest.

I hope everyone enjoys this one but, really, as long as Jody gets a kick out of it, that’s cool with me.