Cheers meets Justice League
Suerpub 29
Suerpub 29
27th Apr 2015, 3:38 PM
Author Notes:
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
Mike and I never sat down and decided “the rules” for how Superpub operates. There really aren’t any, and whatever rules we build are likely to evolve over time. Which is fine.
The point I’m meandering toward is that I wasn’t sure how aware the characters should be about the fact that they are fictional. The approach I just naturally fell into was…they know all of it. They know about the comics, and the crossovers, and fanboy behaviors, and editorial practices. All of it.
I don’t know why I chose to do that, but it was probably so I could have the characters comment on the comics industry. This strip is really me making fun of me and my own business. I wait for fictional people I love to “die” and then profit on it How mercenary is that? I can poke fun at myself by having Joey plot his own demise so he can sell his first appearance. Fun!
The cover of Kapow! Comics # 17 might be the best art Mike has produced yet. I’ve seen a bigger file of that cover, and it is a delight. The poses, the tone, the captions… everything is so period perfect!
Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
This is another first for this comic. In panel two, the ‘camera angle’ changes to a POV shot for Joe. I think I’ll have a lot more opportunities to do stuff like this in the future. Not because of the demand of the scripts but just because I tried something I wasn’t entirely comfortable with…and it worked.
The cover to Kapow! Comics #17 was something I really enjoyed doing. I’m not sure what Ryan Lee was expecting when he put that in the script, but I actually spent more time on that little nugget than I did on the rest of the comic. I’m going to be at the East Coast Comics Expo in mid May, presenting a Superpub table and I’ll have copies of this cover for sale as a print. But, here it is in the meantime. Hope you like it!