Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 28
Superpub 28
20th Apr 2015, 3:33 PM
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
Ah yes, the old mentor/student relationships are rich with story potential.. Batman & Robin! Cap & Bucky! Green Arrow & Speedy! Young men learning to become combat veterans by emulating the best of the best. Or at Superpub, setting up young men with horrible pick-up lines to crash and burn with women.
In my mind, Longbeau did not actually send his protege in to suffer physical damage at the hands of Cleopatriot. In my mind, Longbeau had two objectives:
1) Observe Cleo’s response to learn how better to perform his next pass at her
2) To observe what the kid would do when he hit some chop. Does he have the poise to pivot into something else, or will he just fold up like a Canadian Target franchise?
The reader will have to decide for themselves how that went down, because Superpub the strip only has three panels to play with. It’s probably more fun to fill in the blanks yourself any how? If Superpub were a TV series, though, we could probably build a whole episode around this.
PS: Mike’s Cleopatriot is really great, isn’t she?
Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
There was a great moment in the first Avengers movie in which someone asks where Hawkeye is. It’s revealed that he is perched high up, observing everything from a distance, something he says he feels more comfortable with. That is Longbeau to me. He is the quintessential long-range marksman. Not only on the battle field, but also in his personal relationships. Why else would he choose Arachnoid as his drinking buddy? That almost guarantees that no one else will come around. In today’s comic strip, Speed load is the arrow that Longbeau just shot at Cleopatriot. While it seems to have been a miss, perhaps it was a bullseye. Stay with me here…

That was a pretty lame pick-up line. Almost seemed designed to fail, right? Check out Speed Load’s duds. Exactly opposite of Longbeau’s. The reverse. Did Longbeau ‘shoot’ Speed Load in the direction of Cleopatriot with the intent to present her with a faulty variant of himself? An unreasonable facsimile? Now, when she sees Longbeau, she will see the opposite of Speed Load and subconsciously, she will infer that he is the Reverse Cad.

Also, I messed up on the second panel. A no-prize to anyone who can guess what I’m most unhappy with in that frame.