Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 27
Superpub 27
13th Apr 2015, 3:31 PM
Author Notes:
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
If I haven’t mentioned it before, Joey is one of the favorites around here. Oh, not inside the pub itself, of course, He can’t catch a break there. But the folks behind the scenes love him to pieces.
I just thought it was fun to have a superhero engage in the same sort of mystical fantasies that the rest of us do. Sometimes we think we can telepathically move clouds. Sometimes we think that the outcome of a football game was directly impacted by wearing a “lucky” jersey. Most of us believe that our own unbearable curse (I just KNEW I shouldn’t have played Monopoly with those stupid Gypsies!) will cause all of the traffic lights to be more red for us than other people. We all give ourselves more cosmic weight than we actually own.
So just to be clear, those kids outside the pub leaving has absolutely nothing to do with Joe Del Mar. They weren’t even aware of him, I promise you. It’s a stupid thing to be proud of any way, but Joey is so starved for self esteem that he’ll even take the frightening of high school kids as a badge of honor.
And Zip won’t even let him have THAT. Man, I love Superpub!
Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
Bear witness to the one strip among them all that lies between the old and the new way I’m drawing the characters in this comic. I played around with actual photo reference for this one. I think that’s rather evident in the Zip.

This also marks the return of Joe DelMar to his classic underoos. I couldn’t be happier about that. His J-Momo look was far too time consuming to draw.

Full disclosure: I’ve really fallen off the pace with the drawing duties as of late. Once I get home from work, life takes over and I’ve just not been finding the time to devote to making comics. Good thing we’ve worked so far ahead, I suppose. Me writing this is an attempt at challenging myself to buckle down and get my comics drawn.
So, not much from me this week. Back to work!