Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 26
Superpub 26
6th Apr 2015, 3:29 PM
Author Notes:
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
I’m proud of Mike and myself for this little achievement. We’ve kept the strip going long enough to start doing callback jokes!
The payoff for this one relates to Superpub # 2, in which Stanley first suggested that the Arachnoid wear his gloves while adjourning to The John. It hits several sweet spots for me – bathroom humor, putting the “with great responsibility” reference in Longbeau’s mouth with Stanley standing three feet from him…those are moments that make it all worth while.
The other great payoff is watching Mike ground my interior head-space fluff with “real life” anchors. In my head, the first panel is just a well-worn joke that my podcast partner has dropped on me about his back teeth floating.
This is not interesting to me at all. But when the art shows up, Arachnoid is clearly doing that little back-arching behavior that people often do when they get up from a barstool. Did you notice the posture? It’s perfect!
Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
I have a feeling that our heroes are partnering up. In my head, when I picture either Long Beau or Arachnoid entering the bar, I picture them each looking around for the other. For Arachnoid, I assume it’s comforting hanging out at a bar with someone who will tolerate him. For Beau, I’m sure he’s chosen the most offensive character in the joint to hang around so as to make himself seem like a bigger catch.
This is another opportunity for me to George Lucas some of our characters. If you go back and check out Long Beau’s first appearance at Superpub, you will notice that he’s undergone a slight transformation leading up to this strip. I think I mentioned it in a previous Blu-Ray Commentary that I have evolved my style of drawing faces. I’m much happier with how this version of the character looks.
Also on the topic of process, I inked this one strip with a brush pen as opposed to the felt tips that I usually use. I didn’t really like the look at the time and have since gone back to the felt tips. But, looking at it now, I kind of dig it. The folds in the crotch region of LB’s pants are especially nice, I think. Mayhaps I’ll give the brush pen another go.
Updates to follow.