Cheers meets Justice League
Superpub 22
Superpub 22
9th Mar 2015, 3:21 PM
Author Notes:
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Ryan Lee Blu-Ray Commentary
I imagine Polly has mental calculation powers similar to Midnighter or Amadeus Cho, so when she says “17 degrees” I think we can feel confident in the literal accuracy of that. I also imagine Polly runs with a whole crew of math-based heroines called the “Mathemagics”, which is really quite dumb, but I love it any way.

I left Polly’s sparring partner entirely up to Mike, (I just asked for a “cad”) and he created the Brimstone Avenger for the task. Brimstone Avenger is pretty great, and any time I need a D-Bag for a bit…he’s right there waiting with open arms and a little dragon hood on his head. It’s fun to talk like a cad, and even more fun to have Polly deflect and return fire.

The most important thing I wanted the strip to convey was that Polly does not consider Brimstone a threat. I think Mike nailed it. We pretty much have one professional victim in Superpub, and that is the one and only Joey Del Mar! Polly is most likely to just dispatch idiot comments with a smile because she’s got her own value calculated correctly, and an idiot like Brimstone just can’t dent it.

Monster Mike Blu-Ray Commentary
Having worked so far ahead on this strip, each time we post a new comic, it’s like taking a ride in the Way-Back-Machine. I’ve changed the way I draw male faces since I drew this but the basic design of each character remains the same. The Brimstone Avenger is easily our most ridiculous design (Sorry, Joe DelMar). I just love drawing this douche so much! I’ve even taken to doodling him on boxes at work. Boxes that get shipped out to clients. Careful, don’t trip over my professionalism.
The only course I’ve ever failed was a grade 12 math class, so clearly, I don’t know what the inner workings of Polly Nomial are. Luckily, I have a thing for women who are more educated than me. Well, one woman in particular.
The brilliance in Ryan’s set-up is that it probably is no secret at Superpub what kind of a dame Polly is. Yet, here we have this guy who has the balls to just stroll up and hit on her. He’s completely outmatched in every conceivable way. In the Superpub Multiverse, there is no world where they are an item. In fact, I think I damaged the gag by using this design for the Avenger because, any guy who is going to dress like that to fight crime…well, he can’t know he is out of anybody’s league. I love him.